Thinking Allowed: The Larger Map (3 part series)

BBC Radio 4, January 2001

Produced by Laura Parfitt

Thinking Allowed goes on the road, talking to thinkers, movers and shakers around the country. Presented by Laurie Taylor.

Graham Norton's Big Apple (4 part series)

BBC Radio 7 (now Radio 4 Extra), September 2001

Produced by Laura Parfitt

Comedy series recorded live in New York, later also released on CD.


Hollywood Nails at Dawn

BBC Radio 4, November 2001

Produced by Laura Parfitt

Documentary about Hollywood gossip columnists Louella Parsons and Hedda Hoppa.



In Production

'Same Sex Parents' with Mary Smeeth now finished.  Radio 4 22.09.14 at 11am.  Important programme.   Currently...

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