Straight To The Top

BBC Radio 4, Monday 2nd March 2009

Produced by Liz Carney

Liz Barclay presents the story of Topshop against the backdrop of the credit crunch.

 Arturart Arturart

BBC Radio 4, Tuesday 24th March 2009

Produced by Andy Foster

Arthur Smith presents three comedy programmes about art.

 Poetry From The Front Line Poetry From The Front Line

BBC World Service, April 2009

Produced by Laura Parfitt

Jonathan Charles’s moving programme about the poetry written by current day soldiers in iraq and Afgahnistan reversioned for World Service.

John Barbirolli - Angel of the North

BBC Radio 4, Saturday 9th May 2009, 8pm

Produced by Adrian Edwards

James Naughtie presents an Archive on 4 about the famous conductor.

  Elvis By Bono  Elvis By Bono

BBC Radio 4, Tuesday 13th May 2009, 11pm

Chris O’Shaughnessy produces a soundscape using Bono’s Elvis poem.

The Women of Rainer Maria Rilke

BBC Radio 4, Sunday 10th May 2009, 4.30pm

Produced by Lucy Greenwell

Hayley Radford looks at the women who inspired the poet.



BBC Radio 4, Tuesday 23rd June 2009, 1.30pm

Produced by Laura Parfitt with Unique

Music writer Michael White remembers the composer Menotti.

It's My Story, The 99

BBC Radio 4, Monday 29th June 2009, 8pm

Produced by Laura Parfitt

Bobby Friction visits Kuwait to meet Naif Al Mutawa – the Walt Disney of the Arab world.

  The 99    The 99

Settling The Score

BBC Radio 4, Tuesday 30th June 2009, 1.30pm

Produced by Laura Parfitt with Unique

Tim Blackmore talks to Debbie Wiseman about the creative process of writing her new musical 'Feather Boy'.

Boot Camp For Dads

BBC Radio 4, Tuesday 15th September 2009

Produced by Sara Parker

Richard Johnson presents a look at a new course on fatherhood.


The Big V

BBC Radio 1, Sunday 20th September 2009, 10pm

Produced by Sara Parker

Aled Haydn Jones looks at losing your viringity for ‘The Surgery’.


Adults With Autism

BBC Radio 4, Tuesday 29th September 2009, 9pm

Produced by Sara Parker

Mike Embley looks at the disgnosis and treatment of adults with autism.


The Sound of Magnolias

BBC Radio 4, Tuesday 20th October 2009, 1.30pm

Produced by Laura Parfitt

Irma Kurtz on Rodrigo – composer of Concierto de Aranjuez.

 The Sound of Magnolias  The Sound of Magnolias


Jon Ronson On…

BBC Radio 4, September 2009

Executive Producer Laura Parfitt

Series five of this innovative comedy show.


In Production

'Same Sex Parents' with Mary Smeeth now finished.  Radio 4 22.09.14 at 11am.  Important programme.   Currently...

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