Jon Ronson On…

BBC Radio 4, Monday 4th January 2010 for 5 weeks, 11.00pm

Produced with Unique

Series 5 of this innovative comedy show.


Under Surveillance

BBC Radio 4, Tuesday 5th January 2010, 8.30pm

Produced with Juniper

Phil Harding takes a hard look at CCTV.


The Generation Gap

BBC Radio 4, Monday 22nd Febuary 2010 for 5 days, 3.45pm

Produced with Juniper

Series of programmes in which two people from different generations discuss a topic that reveals the changing nature of Britain.


The Art of The Public Address

BBC Radio 4, Saturday 1st May 2010, 10.30 am

Produced by Howard Shannon

Laurie Taylor looks at the public address systems in our society.


Home From Home

BBC World Service, Wednesday 18th and Wednesday 25th June 2010

Produced by Laura Parfitt


Part 1 – Nihal returns to his family’s home in Colombia, Sri Lanka to try to find out why his grandfather was murdered 70 years ago.  In a fascinating journey which uncovers political rivalries, he embarks on a detective hunt, and ends up changing the way he thinks about his own identity.

Part 2 – Bobby Friction travels to meet the Punjabi community in Toronto, Canada.  His uncle and cousins emigrated to Canada from India in the 80s.  What would Bobby’s life have been like if his branch of the family had taken that decision too?  Would he be a truck driver like his cousin?


Desi Pubs

BBC Radio 4, Monday 9th August 2010, 11am

Produced by Laura Parfitt

Bobby Friction looks at the changes in the Desi pub's place in the Punjabi community in West Bromwich. Set up in the model of the British Working Man's Club, the Desi pub now needs to adapt to survive. And there is tension from the Sikh temple in the area who forbid the use of alcohol.


Nihal in Sri Lanka - International Radio 1

BBC Radio 1, Monday 1st November 2010, 9pm

Produced by Laura Parfitt

Nihal travels to Colombia in Sri Lanka, where his family come from to see how music is flourishing after the end of the war.  He meets artists, musicians, producers, and club owners to reveal a new seam of Sri Lankan music and night life.


Good Grief: The Story of Peanuts

BBC Radio 4, Tuesday 9th November 2010, 11.30am

Produced by Laura Parfitt

Pete Paphides talks to the relatives of Charles M. Schultz about his life and work on the most successful comic strip of all time, ‘Peanuts’. Snoopy, Charlie Brown and Lucy all come to life in this beat comic strip that reflected American life.


Israeli Madonna

BBC Radio 4, Thursday 30th December 2010, 1.30pm

Produced by Laura Parfitt

Pete Paphides tells the story of Ofra Haza – the incredible Israeli singer, often called ‘the Israeli Madonna’ who became a national pop icon, but went on to world critical acclaim with her album ‘Yemenite Songs’ and died a tragic death.


In Production

'Same Sex Parents' with Mary Smeeth now finished.  Radio 4 22.09.14 at 11am.  Important programme.   Currently...

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