China in Vogue

BBC World Service, Tuesday 11th March 2014

Produced and Presented by Jessie Levene


As part of the BBC's Freedom 2014 season, journalist Jessie Levene, who lived in China for three years, returns to tell the the story of the rise of China's magazine culture, its link to consumerism, and the changing face of Chinese fashion.


Bangalore's New Beat

BBC World Service, Saturday 31st May 2014

Produced by Laura Parfitt


Bobby Friction goes to ‘The Glastonbury of India’ NH7 Music Festival in Bangalore to see how young India is expressing itself in the massive rise in independent music and festivals. He meets Indian musicians like Randolph Correia from Shaa’ir and Funk, Ragu Dixit and Kailash Kher as well as Fesitval owner Vijay Nair.


World Agony

BBC Radio 4, Monday 14th July 2014 for 5 weeks, 9.30am

Produced by Ronni Davis

Irma Kurtz, Cosmopolitan magazine's Agony Aunt for over 40 years, talks to a different agony aunt from around the world in each programme in this series. She speaks to Aunts from America, India, Australia, Egypt and South Africa, and reflects on the universal and contrasting problems that occur in their particular society.


Choral Diplomacy

BBC Radio 4, Friday 8th August 2014, 11.00am

Produced by Laura Parfitt

Journalist Alex Stevenson follows the Westminster Parliamentary Choir as they prepare for a concert with their German parliament counterparts. The concert is in commemoration of the 1st World War and is designed to improve diplomatic relations between the UK and Germany. We get behind the scenes.


Inside the Immigration Lawyer's Office

BBC World Service, Tuesday 12th August 2014

Produced by Laura Parfitt


Nihal Arthanayake spends a week in the busy Southall office of a UK immigration lawyer putting a human face on immigration. Harjap Singh Bhangal, founder of ‘London Immigration Advice and Appeal Services’ shares his experiences. We also talk to people who have navigated the UK immigration system in all its complexities.


The Langley School Music Project

BBC Radio 4, Tuesday 19th August 2014, 11.30am

Produced by Laura Parfitt

Pete Paphides tells the heart-warming story of a very special Canadian school recording that inspired the film ‘School of Rock’. Hans Fenger was a rock ‘n' roll musician who got his first job as a teacher in the bible belt area of Langley in Canada in the 1970s. The album of covers he recorded with the kids has been lost, found, re-released to critical acclaim and even feted by David Bowie. What makes this record special?


Same Sex Parents

BBC Radio 4, Monday 22nd September 2014, 11.00am

Produced by Laura Parfitt

Mary Smeeth, a mother of two boys brought up in a same sex couple, talks to others in the same position in the UK about the issues around conceiving and raising their children. As civil partnerships and gay marriage have become legal, there is a new confidence and a rise of children being born in same sex couples. In a personal and heart warming programme, we hear their experiences and how society is adapting.


A Needle Pulling Theard

BBC Radio 4, 2014

Produced by Laura Parfitt

A beautifully stitched together montage programme about the importance of the needle in today’s society.


In Production

'Same Sex Parents' with Mary Smeeth now finished.  Radio 4 22.09.14 at 11am.  Important programme.   Currently...

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